About Sprint

Quality lawn mowers that are affordable, that is what Sprint is all about. A durable mower that offers a clean cut is the least you can expect from us.

Ranging from manual cylinder mowers, self-propelled petrol lawn mowers and 18V Lithium-Ion battery mowers, there is always one that fits your lawn. All the petrol Sprint mowers are powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine. That means you can be sure that your mower goes on for years and years to come.

One battery, multiple tools. The Sprint 18V lithium-ion garden tools, ranging from mowers to blowers, are powerful and help keep your garden look great. They are well designed, easy to use and very light. 

Start with one 18V kit, providing you the body and battery. With every other purchase, you will only need to buy the body (except for mowers, they require two batteries).