Choosing the mower that is right for you

A hand cylinder mower is perfect if you want to help the environment and don't mind some exercise. It mows almost silently as you will only hear the snipping of the grass. Cylinder mowers provide a more gentle cut than a rotary mower as it cuts the grass like a pair of scissors. 

Petrol lawn mowers score better when it comes to easy mowing in different grass conditions. The job is also less exhausting and unlike electric mowers, you don't have to worry about your power cable. And to make the job lighter, you could also choose for a self-propelled model that pushes itself forward.

Which lawn mower is best for you, depends on several specifications and preferences. First of all, the size and the characteristics of your lawn matter. If you have a big lawn or an uneven lawn with slopes, the better option would be a petrol lawn mower. If your lawn is really large, you might want to consider a self-propelled petrol lawn mower so you don't have to push it every step of the way.

Also the grass characteristics are important - if you have lush and long grass, you need more power. So it also depends on how often you mow the lawn and thus how long the grass has grown.

Maintenance and budget is also something to take into account. Obviously petrol mowers require more maintenance as they are powered by an engine. And that also makes petrol lawn mowers more expensive.

And last but not least, the amount of exercise you want to put into mowing. Hand cylinder mowers are lighter in weight, but they require more muscles when mowing.