Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Environmental friendly because there are no emissions to worry about. Cheaper in maintenance because there's not much to maintain anyway - other than cleaning the blades and wash off excess grass clippings. 

And the list of advantages goes on: cylinder mowers are better for the health of your grass. They don't chop and tear the grass, but they gently snip it like a pair of scissors. The mower is quiet as there is no engine and you will only hear it cutting the grass.

You might think: with all these advantages, there has to be a downside. That depends. If your lawn is rather small and relatively even, and you don't mind a healthy exercise, manual cylinder mowers can be a great option for you and your lawn. But if your lawn is medium to large, hilly or uneven, you will probably be happier with the power of a petrol lawn mower.

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410RM Cylinder Mower

Looking for an eco-friendly lawn mower that requires little maintenance and mows nearly silently? Then this 410RM reel mower is all you need!